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What are your fees?

Our fees are based on the size and scope of the marketing project you require. We offer full service, or a la carte solutions depending on your specific budget and needs.

We develop true partnerships with our clients which go beyond fees. We care deeply about our clients’ success. Our 95% client retention rate speaks to the satisfaction our clients experience while working with MogoARTS.

How can MogoARTS maximize my marketing budget?

MogoARTS has a unique and successful process that stems from a genuine understanding of digital best practices and technology. MogoARTS supports over 150 art organizations across the United States and Canada. This level of scale and experience within the arts delivers outstanding results.

The media process starts with planning and ends with results. MogoARTS is committed to every client, putting our marketing minds to work on each and every campaign to ensure success.

My organizaton needs to generate results. Is this “direct response” advertising? Is that different than regular advertising?

Every MogoARTS campaign is tailored to generate results. The results might be tangible in sales and revenue, or they might be geared toward building awareness which will support the direct response elements over time. Online advertising allows all ad buys to be “direct response” because we can quantify the results so easily.

MogoARTS is here to help you determine the best method to get the results you need.

Why do we need MogoARTS for our digital advertising versus doing it ourselves in-house?

Digital marketing is complex. MogoARTS provides enterprise digital marketing solutions tailored specifically for arts organizations.

Specializing in the ever-changing digital marketing landscape is not an easy task, nor is it something many organizations are able to do themselves in order to yield maximum results. Studying media consumption habits of patrons across search, display, video and social, and creating campaigns to target them, is a specialty at MogoARTS. We have more scale of buying power, technology, expertise and recommended best practices developed from the comprehensive base of arts organizations we support. For example, each of our fourteen ballet company clients benefits from collective key learnings from other similarly targeted ballet campaigns.

Can MogoARTS develop the creative components of my ads?

Yes, we can.  MogoARTS provides creative solutions for our clients.  This includes building animated banners, in-banner video, search, and Facebook ads.   All MogoARTS clients have access to our Client Tools website where we offer valuable digital marketing content.  Our Client Tools website includes a Design Gallery, access to your campaign dashboard, learning resouces, and design specifications. 

Contact us, and let MogoARTS show you how we can give your digital marketing an upgrade. 


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