Interact With Your Patrons On Any Platform

It’s more clear now than ever that we are ushering in a new era of multi-platform media. 

Your patrons are becoming increasingly agnostic about how and where they consume content. Is your arts organization delivering its messaging in this space?

MogoARTS can help with mobile strategy, campaign development, and execution, so your patrons and potential patrons can engage with your brand anywhere. MogoARTS mobile solutions are ideal for:

iPads and Tablets: MogoARTS targets tablets by browser and device type to ensure we are continuing the conversation across platforms, no matter where your potential customers are!

Mobile Search: Your patrons are active and on the go and they use mobile search to find you. MogoARTS campaigns integrate mobile search, making your website easy to find.

Mobile Web: Like display advertising, MogoARTS targets based on a multitude of variables including device type.  



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