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Digital Media Channels Work Better As a Custom Integrated Solution

MogoARTS offers you integrated digital marketing solutions to help you reach your patrons online through Display, Search, Facebook, Mobile and Video. MogoARTS has a unique and successful campaign process that stems from a genuine passion for the arts and a deep understanding of digital best practices.

First, we work closely with you to understand your digital marketing goals. Then, we align the necessary information and resources to formulate your strategy, pulling in subject-matter experts when necessary.

Finally, we all collaborate together to establish and maintain ongoing reporting and insights into your campaign’s performance.

When you work with us, you’ll get:

Access to 99% of all online inventory through over 50 ad exchanges

Our personalized reporting dashboard: See all your data in one place

A Digital Strategist and dedicated Account Manager: Get hands-on optimization throughout your campaign

Included CRM targeting: Target your current database of patrons and potential customers

De-duplication of action metrics: Gain greater audience insight, more accurate metrics, and correct attribution data


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