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Detroit Symphony Orchestra
Geffen Playhouse
Globe Theatre
Houston Grand Opera
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National Ballet of Canada
Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre
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We help arts organizations connect, engage & activate patrons across display, Facebook, mobile, video and search. 

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MogoARTS Audience Exchange

Learn how 100+ like-minded arts organizations are reaching incremental arts patrons in their communities.

MogoARTS Audience Exchange is a free, 100% opt-in program in dozens of cities across the U.S. & Canada. It is a scalable solution for arts and cultural organizations to advance their digital marketing efforts and cost-effectively grow their new audience reach.


Audiences are created by converting site visitors to privacy compliant cookies. These cookied audiences can then be targeted as part of your digital advertising campaigns across display, video, Facebook and mobile. To learn more and join, or start an Audience Exchange in your arts community contact us HERE.

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"MogoARTS Audience Exchange: Phoenix
When arts organizations collaborate, everyone wins."

In Arizona, four collaborative arts organizations - Arizona Opera, Ballet Arizona, Phoenix Theatre, and Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts are part of MogoARTS Audience Exchange. Learn how these organizations achieved:

  • 48% higher conversion rates for ticket purchases compared to other prospecting segments
  • 88% increase in ticket sales generated compared to other prospecting segments
  • 103% lower cost per sale compared to other prospecting segments


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